Report an Incident

To file a discrimination complaint in Arlington, Massachusetts, you must submit an official form within four (4) months of the most recent discriminatory act.  You can download the official form here. You can also pick one up at 27 Maple Street, request one by phone (781-316-3250), email (, or by using the Contact Us form.

Complaints must be filed by transmitting one (1) original, completed copy of this form to the AHRC by mail or hand delivery. You may also email it to Complaints submitted electronically shall be deemed officially filed as of the date of electronic submission if an original, signed copy is received or postmarked within (2) calendar weeks of the email.

Protected classes in Arlington, Massachusetts, are: race, color, religious views, national origin, sex, gender identity and expression, citizenship, age, ancestry, family/marital status, sexual orientation, disability, source of income, and military status. 

Because we are an official body, all correspondence with the Arlington Human Rights Commission is public. However, you may request to speak confidentially with a commissioner before filing a complaint. You can reach AHRC by phone at 781-316-3250, email at, by mail at 27 Maple St., Arlington, MA 02476, or by using the Contact Us form.