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Working Groups

In order to facilitate and develop the goals of the Commission, we break our efforts down in to smaller Working Groups, each tasked with a specific area of our work, lead by a commissioner, staffed by commissioners and volunteers from the community alike. We have four primary working groups, but also run project-specific groups, as needed. 


Our Schools & Education Working Group (SEWG) interfaces with the School Committee, district, and parent groups to track and address issues of human rights as they relate to our children. This working group may also work with the Outreach & Events Working Group (OEWG) to organize and/or support town-wide or school-based events. The SEWG is lead by Commissioner Sharon Grossman.​


Our Events & Outreach Working Group (EOWG) is tasked with building a more welcoming community through events and outreach to various communities and groups in town. One of the best ways to build community is through events, which this working group either organizes, co-sponsors, or supports. This working group seeks to broaden community members' understanding of and participation in the work of the AHRC. The OEWG is led by Commissioner Kristen Bauer.


Our Communications Working Group (CWG) helps the AHRC keep in touch with our community through our digital properties and online resources (outside of the town's website). This includes this website, our social media accounts on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube, and our emails. This group works hard to respond to the communications we receive through those channels. The CWG is lead by Commissioner Drake Pusey.


Our Religious Acceptance Working Group (RAWG) aims to promote peaceful coexistence among diverse religious communities, ensuring individuals can practice their faith freely without discrimination or persecution. The RAWG is led by Commissioners Scott Jones and Hira Ambreen.


Periodically, the Commission will have project-specific working groups to address issues that require special attention or that run for a shorter timeframe, such as Indigenous People's Day, Black Lives Matter, and Housing Discrimination.

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