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Updated: Aug 20, 2020

Dear Arlington friends and neighbors,

Your Human Rights Commission is always looking for volunteer support. When we have specific needs, we will post them in this page. In the mean time, you can contact us, and tell us if you are interested in supporting one of our Working Subgroups. Most of our WGs cross-support one another for specific tasks or goals, so volunteering for one could end up coordinating with another. Working Groups can also change over time, as specific goals are met. Our current working groups are:

  • EVENTS: our EWG develops all of our HRC related programming and learning opportunities, including topic selection and logistics; they locate speakers and performers, set time and location, design graphics, and wrangle resources from pa systems to video streaming. The EWG is lead by Commissioner Crystal Haynes.

  • SCHOOLS: our SWG interfaces with the School Committee, District and Parent Groups to track and address issues of Human Rights as they relate to our children. SWG may also pass town-wide Event ideas over to the EWG, or directly support school based events. The SWG is lead by Co-Chair Sharon Grossman.

  • OUTREACH: our OWG is tasked with building relationships with all the other town and community groups, houses of worship, and business associations in Arlington. They also work to connect with peer organizations in neighboring towns. OWG takes on making Calls To Action on those occasions when the AHRC needs to mobilize our network. The OWG is lead by Commissioner Drake Pusey.

  • COMMUNICATIONS: our CWG works on developing our digital properties and online resources (outside of the town's website,) such as this website, our social media accounts, and YouTube channel, along with responding to the communications we receive through those channels. They also write our periodic news letters, and work on announcements and media plugs with the EWG and OWG leads. If you have experience developing content for social platforms like Instagram, TicTok or YouTube, we want to talk to you. The CWG is lead by Commissioner Melanie Brown.

  • RULES: our RWG is working on reviewing our rules and regulations, to both clarify and modernize the language. The goal is to make them easier to understand for both our commissioners, and the community at large. If you have background experience in wrangling Contract, Legal or Governmental language, this could be the place for you. The PWG is lead by Commissioner Kathy Rogers.

Want to make an immediate contribution to our efforts? Your AHRC is always looking for DRM free (Creative Commons use) images of our town, and the events we run. Town sponsored banners, photos of people** and places are all welcome. Please email photos to the address below, with COMMS WG in the subject line. **Please note: close photos of people, especially of children, can only be submitted if you are authorized to grant permission for their publication (e.g. you are the child's parent, or hold a formal release by the parent, and attach a copy of same with your submission.)

Our deepest gratitude to all who are willing to share their time with us.

Arlington values equity, diversity, and inclusion. We are committed to building a community where everyone is heard, respected, and protected.

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Phone: 781-316-3250

By Mail: 27 Maple Street

Arlington, MA 02476


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