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Statement Regarding Hate Incident at Ottoson Middle School

The Arlington Human Rights Commission (AHRC) was frustrated and saddened to hear about the recent hate graffiti found at Ottoson Middle School. We were, however, pleased to see the rapid response by the Arlington Police Department (APD) to investigate this incident and by the staff at Ottoson to inform students' families and reassure the community that Ottoson is committed to providing a safe and inclusive school environment. We commend Ottoson for its multi-pronged approach to addressing issues of hate in the community. We know this work will continue to build on the strong, supportive community at the school and in Arlington. As these types of incidents are on the rise throughout the Commonwealth, the AHRC has engaged with the Anti-Defamation League to produce a series of community-wide programs to educate, inform and empower the residents of Arlington to combat hate in all forms. We look forward to continuing this work and to supporting the great work of the APD and Ottoson and all groups in Arlington working to to combat hate and support community-building.


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