Respond & Prevent: Empowering Young People in Aftermath of Hate

Updated: Jun 6, 2019

AHRC and the Bishop Diversity and Inclusion Group sponsored a special dialogue to discuss how APS families, teachers, and staff can address, respond, and prevent incidents of hate and bias in our schools.

When incidents of hate, such as hate symbol graffiti, occur in our community, one of the first questions many people ask is, “What should we tell the children?” This interactive forum will provide educators, family members and other interested community members with guidance and recommendations for addressing hate incidents with our students. It will also explore ways that families and community members can partner with and support our schools to help prevent and respond to school-based incidents.

This program was moderated by Stacy Davison, an Arlington resident with two children in the Arlington Public Schools, who for nearly two decades has served our community, as a former member of the Arlington Human Rights Commission, Ottoson Middle School Building Respect Task Group, Arlington Superintendent’s Diversity Advisory Committee and facilitator for a community dialogue series called Race and Place. Stacy has facilitated anti-bias training programs for the Anti-Defamation League's A WORLD OF DIFFERENCE® Institute since 2000. She launched and managed ADL New England’s anti-bias program for educators and family members of preschool children. She has an MA in Intercultural Relations from Lesley University and is a certified mediator.

Opening Remarks by AHRC Co-Chair, Naomi Greenfield