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Current Mass State Legislative Efforts

Dear Arlington friends and neighbors,

Another way to support inclusion, equity and justice is to voice support for legislative initiatives intended to improve the lives of Massachusetts citizens including its children. Below are the links to the actual bills and a short summary of what you will find when you click on them.

House Bill 3341, Senate Bill 2014

These House and Senate bills focuses on anti-racism, equity and justice in public-funded education. Among other things, sponsors for this legislation hope to ensure that Massachusetts students are given an opportunity “to develop into informed, engaged members of society” through school curricula that offers a “social justice perspective of dismantling racism” and ensures that teaches and school counselors have access to professional development funds to create “equitable, inclusive curriculum and pedagogy and practices that support racial justice.” The legislation would also establish a Commission for Anti-Racism and Equity in Education and a fund known as the Anti-Racism and Equity Trust Fund.

Senate Bill 721

A landlord owns a multi-family building that has been defaced with racist words and symbols of hate. The landlord is awarded restitution for the damage to the property. May the landlord retain the funds and not use them to repair the damage that the tenants of the building must view every day? If this legislation is passed, the landlord will be required to repair the damage of the property with the money received pursuant to the restitution order.

Senate Bill 972

This bill, co-sponsored by Massachusetts Attorney General Maura Healey, seeks to reform the current state Hate Crime Statutes by defining key terms, and expending the punishments permitted by law for those who are convicted of committing hate crimes. For example, this legislation would make clear that unlawful harassment could be done via electronic mail, internet communications or instant messaging. The new law would allow “bigoted slurs, signs, or symbols” to be considered as evidence to support a hate crime charge. The definition of “willfully” would also preclude those charged with hate crimes from invoking their lack of knowledge about constitutionally-guaranteed protections as a defense.

Your District Representatives:

The State Senator in Arlington is Cindy Friedman.

The State Representatives in Arlington are Sean Garballey and David Rogers.

If you're unsure which representative covers your precinct you can check here:

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